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Cachaça is the 3rd most consumed distillate in the world. However, most of this consumption takes place in Brazil and only 1% is exported. But what is the reason why other countries know so little about cachaça? Part of the blame is due to the brands of cachaça, which were not organized to gain market beyond the Brazilian borders, but another part is due to history, because the cachaça was prohibited to be produced in Brazil 17th century, a time when rum was already famous in the Americas. Thus, the Brazilian distillate never managed to consolidate its own category outside Brazil. Today many know that cachaça is not a type of rum, cachaça is the juice of fermented cane, distilled and aged in Brazilian woods, which can only be produced in Brazil.
It was through this problem of identity and lack of categorization of the cachaça that Cachaciá was born, the most important project about artisanal cachaças outside Brazil.
João Paulo Araújo, a Brazilian with a passion for challenges, was an executive at the largest beverage company in Latin America. However, it was in the big industry that he realized that his path was in the craft world. In 2018 he began to invest in a small brand of handcrafted cachaça and saw the potential of the beverage as an export product. He joined forces with Rui Araújo, a successful Portuguese entrepreneur, who is dedicated to the internationalization of major Brazilian brands through Casa Pau-Brasil, the largest Brazilian concept store in Europe.
With the support of small producers, who were carefully selected by specialists Maurício Maia and Isadora Fornari, they dream of consolidating the Brazilian distillate as a unique category, through innovative experiences and quality products, made by those who really live and love cachaça. 


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We distribute and promote our brands in Europe

We create exclusive cocktail menus with our cachaças

We do events with our mobile bar with a team that specializes in sophisticated cocktails

Franchise for those who wish to be an exclusive distributor of Cachaciá in another European country

Workshops about cachaça for bartenders and catering professionals

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