Famigerada is an artisanal cachaça made in Minas Gerais, Brazil, in a place between the cities of Januária and Salinas, two famous centers that production artisanal cachaça. Combining the most recent and modern techniques of quality control with the empirical knowledge of the farmers, the company adopts sustainable practices from the management of sugarcane to the use of wild yeasts in fermentation, which generates a complex drink that recovers the unique qualities of the privileged terroir of Minas Gerais.

Famigerada are made by people who have lived around sugarcane mills from an early age, grinding sugarcane, drinking the pure juice, and learning the art of the old masters of stills, including our alembic master who grew up on the farm and has been producing cachaça for over 40 years.

The cachaças are made from Java sugar cane, a variety of sugar cane that was brought by the Portugueses from Indonesia in the colonial period. It freely expresses its quality through a sustainable management without the addition of pesticides, which is done for generations, creating a unique identity in our cachaça. Our care extends to the water we use in the stabilization of alcohol, from which we seek the crystalline waters of the natural springs of Serra Geral mountains. Finally, we specialize in aging in large barrels of Jequitibá, which spend at least 2 years aging and deliver unique notes and flavors to our Familiar Cachaça.

Jequitibá Barrel

Jequitibá Barrel

The Jequitibá is a tree with large trunks, both in length and in diameter. Native tree of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest, existing only in the Southeast Region of Brazil and in some neighboring states. In Tupi language, it means "giant of the forest", which is understandable. They appear in the list of the largest trees in Brazil, such as the Jatobás, sapucaias and Angelins. 

Jequitibá's dorna transmits color, aromas and pronounced flavors to the drink. Due to the presence of vanillin, which adds vanilla notes to the cachaça, it is considered the national wood that most resembles the American oak. As noble as the peanut tree for the aging of cachaça, the Jequitibá - eliminates the light taste of sugar cane bagasse, reduces the acidity of brandy, softens, confers floral and citrus flavors, transferring a nice golden color.

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