WIBA is carefully produced in the city of Torre de Pedra, in the interior of São Paulo, in a distillery built on a 45,000 m² plot of land. Before going to the market, WIBA goes through several filtering processes, with a sustainable production model, that is, all by-products that would be discarded, are reused, ensuring the sustainable production cycle.

Producer Wilson Barros learned from his father how to taste a good cachaça. Since he began to be interested in and study the process of craft production, he felt the need to share his passion with the world, but he didn't want his cachaça to be just another option on the market shelf.

After building her distillery and having the supervision of the best professionals in the market, such as Master Blender Armando Del Bianco and the food engineer expert in cachaça, Valdirene Neves, Wilson began to observe the behavior of people and the most diverse distillates. With the help of Why Not? a agency specialized in brands, they found that there was very little experience when consuming a dose of cachaça, it was no fun.

WIBA then proposed a new way to drink cachaça, the WIBA Way, a fun and original way to make your own Caipirinha in the mount®, mixing pieces of fruit, salt, sugar, chocolate, or whatever else the imagination allows, drinking small sips of WIBA. This innovative way of drinking aroused both the curiosity of those in love with cachaça and those who had never experienced it. The result of all this could not have been better: Wilson managed to respectfully unite the tradition of artisan production with the innovation and Brazilian creativity.

Jequitibá Barrel

Amburana Barrels

Amburana is a regular tree with a thick, greasy and aromatic bark. It is known for its medicinal value and is considered noble. It translates a golden or crystalline amber colour in low volume barrels (200 litres) after one year. In large-volume dorna it is pale yellow in colour. Flavors of vanilla, cloves, cinnamon and other spices, depending on the volume, maturation time and whether the barrel is toasted.

Like oak, Amburana lowers the acidity and alcohol content, leaving the cachaça softer, smoother, with aroma and flavor slightly sweetened, fruity with touches of spices that refer to the wood, with the color yellowish.

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