Engenho São Luiz

The Engenho São Luiz was born in 1906 by the hands of Luiz Gustavo Zillo's great-grandfather. At that time, it was located in the Rocinha neighborhood in Lençóis Paulista. It was founded when the city had its economy revolving around the sugar and cachaça mills, which were about 100 in that whole region. however, with the advent of alcohol production, they were waning and today there are less than 50.

Four years ago, the São Luiz Mill was "reborn". In a more modern version and with the spirit of rescuing the history of the family and the mill. At the time, his family became a merchant, buying and selling brandy in the region until his great-grandfather left the business, who stayed with his brothers. He set up the sugar mills and it was at that time that he began to reduce the number of mills in the region. The landowners began to leave and rent them to the mills."  

In 2006, Zillo's father had the idea of building a homemade cachaça alembic. They wanted to rescue the tradition of Lençóis Paulista, which was once famous for having quality cachaça.

The production process of cachaça is judicious. The cane is cut by hand, it cannot be burned so as not to interfere in the fermentation process. A good cachaça is made with the heart of the distillation. To have a differentiated cachaça, it is necessary to discard the beginning and the end of the distillation.

In the Engenho São Luiz, a alembic copper still is used, which is a catalyst and eliminates undesirable compounds in the flavor of the cachaça, one of the best materials for distilling spirits. 

Today the Engenho São Luiz is recognized worldwide for its awards at the International Spirits of New York and Brussels in 2016.

Jequitibá Barrel

Amendoim Barrels

Peanut wood is a tree found in several regions of Brazil, such as Caatinga, Cerrado and Atlantic Forest. It is a native species, but not endemic to Brazil. It is a tree of rustic aspect, of great size and of fast growth. 

It is among the noblest Brazilian woods suitable for the aging of cachaça. 

This wood reaches a level hardly reached by others, because it can preserve what is best in cachaça as the flavors of sugarcane, accentuating these virtues and still reducing its acidity and alcohol content, but without changing its flavors.

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