Cachaça Colombina originated in Santa Bárbara, Minas Gerais, in the 1920s. The Colombina brand grew rapidly and bought other producers of cachaças that produced in the same region. Because it was close to the Vitória-Minas Gerais railroad, the cachaça was transported to Belo Horizonte where it was standardized and blended with cachaças from various producers and distributed throughout Brazil until the late 1950s.

Fazenda do Canjica, in Alvinópolis, Minas Gerais, with alembic stills dating from 1890s, was one of Colombina's main suppliers. In 1980, Raul Megre acquired the Colombina brand and reopened the old alembic still at Fazenda do Canjica, with its centennial jatoba woods. Currently, Luciano Souto is in charge of the production and commercialization of Colombina Cachaça.

Cachaça genuinely from Minas Gerais, Colombina is now produced exclusively at Fazenda do Canjica, which is part of the Estrada Real circuit, described by this institute as "one of the main remnants of the period of colonization of Minas Gerais".


Cachaça Colombina has been handcrafted in small and careful harvests since 1920s, and is aged in centuries-old jatobá wood parols, maintaining the pure flavor of sugarcane and a subtle natural coloring of wood. It is more than 100 years maintaining the tradition and producing the same quality cachaça in copper stills.

Jequitibá Barrel

Jatobá Parol Woods

Parol is the name given to large wooden containers used in sugar mills and brandy. Made entirely of wood, this reservoir has the peculiar characteristic of not receiving nails, screws, steel belts or any other metallic artifice to guarantee its "tightness". In other words, what guarantees that there will be no leaks is its way of construction, using only dry joints, with wooden rulers carved to perfection by master craftsmen.

Jatobá confers sweet notes to the cachaça with various sensations such as red fruits and plums. Persistent and woody aftertaste with a light golden colour. It is close to European oak in some characteristics.

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